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The snap feature moves points or vertices to coincide exactly with the vertices, edges, or end points of other features. The pedigree for that location is then copied to the snapped vertex/point which allows a user to connect a geometric vertex or edge of one feature to another. This will ensure that edges and vertices that need to be adjoined are cleanly connected. When snapping is turned on, you can jump / snap to edges, vertices, and other geometric elements. This enables you to position a feature easily in relation to the locations of other features. 

Common Uses: 


Potholing involves digging a hole to check for underground utility lines before excavation. PointMan allows a user to capture the potholes as points, at the exact location, and then create a line connecting them. This will allow a user to obtain precise precision. 

How to use the “Snap” to Feature: 

1) Go into Settings and Check “Show Snap to point option on move” 

2) Return to the Map View 

3) Select the Line you want to edit  

4) Select move 

5) Select the vertex you want to move  

6) Select Snap 

7) Select the Point you want to snap to 

8) Select Confirm