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Added Bluetooth Low Energy integration with Vivax locate tools.


Added Bluetooth integration with Subsite locate tools.


Complete Trimble Integration:

PointMan is now completely integrated with Trimble receivers, including the R series and Catalyst, to capture centimeter-accurate geospatial data on any standard mobile device.


RTX Fix: 

The RTX Datum shift has been remedied to make the PointMan functionality with the Trimble Corrections Hub even more seamless, so users can feel confident that their data is being collected accurately using those services.



Offset Mapping:

Select Laser Tech rangefinders now function with all supported correction services to provide accurate positional information for offset measurements.

To use the rangefinder, pair it to PointMan via Bluetooth, as you would a pipe locator.


Supported rangefinders: 

  • TruPulse 360
  • TruPulse 360R


How it works: PointMan will take the Trimble R2’s current position, add the range taken from the rangefinder to it, and then will place a point at that designated location.


PointMan will now send a notification to your device when your PointMan Plus license is close to expiring.