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What’s in the new release update?

Note: These updates only apply to the PointMan Mobile Application, not the PointMan Pro Cloud application (browser version of PointMan).

Regarding the recently reported Shapefile Export Issues, this release contains the following bug fixes:

  • Z-axis values should now be set for Pedigree data from PointMan for 3D Shapefile Exports
  • Shapefile exports should now honor the Projection (EPSG) file selected from the “Options” dialogue when exporting Projects or Features

The process to export Shapefiles is still the same. The data, on the other hand, should now be exported and displayed properly in accordance with the options that were selected during the export process.


How do I check what version of PointMan I am on?

  1. Open the PointMan Mobile app
  2. In the map view, tap the “Menu” icon in the top left corner of the screen
  3. Tap “About PointMan”
  4. Within the dialogue, there should be a version number listed beneath the black PointMan text
  5. If the version listed is “”, you are already on the newest version of PointMan. If any other version number is listed, please visit the “Google Play Store” or “Apple App Store” and update PointMan.


How do I update PointMan?

  1. Find the App Store app on your device:
    • If you are on an iOS device, go to the “App Store” app.
    • If you are on an Android device, go to the “Play Store” app.
  2. Using the search bar, search for “PointMan”.
  3. Next to the title will be a button that either says, “Update” or “Open”.
    • If it says, “Update”, tap the button to update PointMan.
    • If it says, “Open”, the app is already up to date.