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ASCE 38-22

PointMan provides the ability to assign Quality Level A or Quality Level B in accordance with ASCE 38-22.
PointMan provides the ability to perform QA/QC from the office without a field visit.
PointMan provides the data pedigree that includes the geophysical evidence during designating to assist professionals with ASCE 38-22 deliverables:
  • Project coordinate XYZ, and reporting forms and photos
PointMan provides the ability to take geo-referenced photographs and make notes.
PointMan provides the ability to create field sketches that are more efficient and with higher accuracy than other methods.
PointMan provides real-time visualization from both the office and the field of what was designated and surveyed.
PointMan provides a quality trail of data that is easy to retrieve.

ASCE 75-22

PointMan provides the data pedigree to assist with the compliance of ASCE 75-22. For example, the data pedigree PointMan captures includes:
  • Horizontal Accuracy, Vertical Accuracy, XY&Z coordinates
  • Geoid corrected elevations, HDOP, VDOP
  • Number of Satellites
  • Type of GNSS receiver used
  • Whether the solution is Fix or Floating
PointMan has a scalable data dictionary to meet the custom attributes recommended by ASCE 75-22.
Having pedigree records and assigning accuracy levels is straightforward and simple
PointMan provides the construction inspector with a base map composed of both SUE utility data and roadway design data.
This allows Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) to follow during construction on relocated, retired or new utility data that is completed during the construction phases of the project