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You are able to setup a base/rover for use with PointMan on the following Trimble GNSS units:

  • R10 (all models)
  • R12
  • R12i

Base Setup Procedure (R10 and newer)

  1. Power on the base and connect to its Trimble GNSS WiFi (default password is abcdef if requested)
  2. Open your Chrome browser on the PointMan device and navigate to
  3. Log in using “admin” and either “password” or “admin”
  4. Tap the menu button on the home page
  5. Tap IP Configuration then Port Configuration
  6. In the first dropdown, select Bluetooth 2
  7. In the second dropdown, select NMEA
  8. Set the following items as 1Hz
  • GGA
  • GSA
  • GST
  • VTG
  • ZDA

9. Scroll down and tap Save
10. The base should now show that Bluetooth 2 is setup (but Red) as seen below. This is normal.


Rover Setup Procedure (R10 and newer)

  1. Do the exact same setup for your rover as you did for the base. They should both be on Bluetooth 2

Trimble Access Setup

  1. Setup your base like you normally would in Access to get the radios transmitting
  2. Once the base/rover is setup, go to the next procedure for PointMan below

Install Trimble Tools

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Download Trimble Mobile Manager and either sign in or create an account
  3. Download Trimble Catalyst Service. This will run in the background and needs no interaction by the user.

Pair your Rover with PointMan

  1. Log into PointMan and tap the menu button on the top left corner
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Configure Bluetooth
  4. Pair to your Trimble GPS
  5. In PointMan settings, tap the GPS dropdown in the Devices section
  6. PointMan will open the Trimble Mobile Manager app on your device, sign in and then return to PointMan settings. You will see a popup that says “Successfully loaded Trimble ID”.
  7. Tap the dropdown again, and select Trimble R-Series
  8. Tap the dropdown box next to the Trimble R-Series dropdown and select your Trimble receiver
  9. Tap Close to return to the map screen