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  • The new PointMan Store will allow both PointMan Plus and PointMan Pro users to purchase, manage, and renew their licenses / user accounts. Both existing and new users will need to create a Store Account.  
  • Existing PointMan Plus users will be required to now set a password for their account.  
  1. Update the PointMan app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS)  
  2. Launch the app  
  3. You will be prompted to fill out a new password field on the form originally used to sign up for a PointMan Plus account.  Do NOT change the email associated with your account as this will cause PointMan to create a completely new Plus account that will not have your existing data.  
  4. Enter in a password with the following at least 1: 
      • Uppercase letter
      • Lowercase letter  
      • Number Special Character
  5. Tap “Sign up” and you should now have regained access to your Plus account and its data.  
    Note: Despite having set a password for your Plus account, these credentials will only work on the device that the account and data were originally created on. 

    There are multiple ways to access the PointMan Store from: 

  • A web browser – Go to https://store.pointman.cloud   
  • Android Users – Go to the PointMan Settings page. Scroll to the “Stand Alone License” section and click the “Manage” button. 
  • iOS users can only access the new PointMan Store from a web browser. Go to https://store.pointman.cloud   
  • Existing PointMan Pro Users (Note: Only an Editor may access and create a Store Account.)
        • Settings Page – Subscription section  

Features Available in the PointMan Store 

  • Products Page 
    • Auto-renew allows users to enable/disable the automatic renewal of the licenses.
    • Details displays the license starting date and renewal/expiration date.
    • Pricing displays the types of licenses owned by the user, and their quantities and prices. New licenses can be purchased here.
  • Device Licenses Page
    • Device Licenses displays the mobile device that each PointMan license is attached to as well as if there are any unassigned purchased Plus licenses
  • Payment Methods Page
    • Payment Method allows users to add, edit, and delete payment methods. Credit Cards or ACH Bank Transfers are available as payment options. 
  • Billing History Page  
    • Billing History displays all billing history and associated details, such as the invoice.