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  • New Feature: GPS Alarms – PointMan will now alert users when GPS data drops below levels that were specified from the Alarm Settings in the Settings page
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements

How to setup Alarms in PointMan

  1. Log in to PointMan
  2. Open a project
  3. Open the settings dialog and turn on alarms

4. Then Click Edit

5. In the alarms Dialog the fix type allows you to determine the Lowest fix type allowed

The lowest setting is DGPS and is higher than the internal GPS chip so setting the alarm to anything other than none will trigger an alarm when using internal GPS.

Please test with multiple GPS devices and settings and make sure that the alarms trigger when they are supposed to

6. Horizontal Accuracy and Vertical Accuracy are measured in Feet or Meters depending on the PointMan units setting. Please test in both Feet and Meters

7. The number of satellites is an important factor in the accuracy of data so you can set the minimum number of satellites allowed. Only whole numbers allowed in this field

8. Differential Age tells how old the satellite information is, only whole numbers allowed in this field

9. Connectivity Loss alarm will trigger when the device’s internet connectivity is lost

10. Capture in alarm determines how PointMan reacts to Alarms

  • Prompt notifies the user before capturing data that alarms are active and will let the user continue or wait for a better connection
  • Save automatically saves regardless of alarm status
  • Don’t Save will throw an error if the user tries to save when alarms are active

11. Sound alarm will trigger an audible alarm if one is active

12. Continuous will have the alarm loop until GPS mode is disabled or the alarms  are all resolved

Using New Placemark With alarms

1. Alarms will only turn on when adding a feature to the map in GPS mode

2. If you try to save when alarms are active and Prompt is selected you will see this message before the feature is saved